Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are hugging in the latest MV

Who doesn’t know Taylor Swift and Katy Perry? As we understand it, the two women who became vocalists in each other’s professions have indeed been reported to have had bad interactions since a number of years ago.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are hugging in the latest MV

However, suddenly the public made a serious commotion with the release of the last video clip of Taylor Swift’s song titled ‘You Need to Calm Down’. At the end of the video clip there is a big surprise that will not be suspected by situs judi online some people.How could I not, the video clip gave rise to figures that could not be mistaken for the public. She is a woman who is said to be the eternal opponent of Taylor Swift and the other is Katy Perry.

Disputes both of which have been heralded by the media up to now have simply disappeared with one hug. Automatically this kind of thing preaches if the peace between them is really really going on, You Need to Calm Down’ is packed with pleasant artistic nuances. The party uniforms and colors that appear to soften various proposals and protests depicted by the video clip.The most shocking scene took place at the end of the song. Taylor Swift dressed in French fries embraced with Katy Perry who used a burger uniform.

In a symbolic way, these two foods are often together and almost never had time to be separated. Interwoven with the back of harmony Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, in fact there is unique evidence that is important to be examined, Written from the Daily Mail website, during an interview with UK’s Capital Breakfast, Taylor Swift acknowledged that their interactions have been better since starting in 2018 ago.

That sort of thing happened when the Orlando Bloom fiancé sent a parcel to Taylor Swift before the Tour Phase Reputation was held, “He and I seriously intertwined well for a moment. He sent me a very good note before my tour had not been started, last time. Since then we have been well-connected,” said Taylor Swift. The 29-year-old vocalist said that if relations with Katy Perry continue to be better. They often attend the same party, both reprimand, and give hugs when meeting.

“Then we met together at a party and walked to both of them and embraced and talked about a few things, and we met and hung out at another party and it was like something that felt easier for my life when everything turned out to be very good between us, “Taylor Swift’s narrative.

Although the relationship with Katy Perry has improved, apparently it doesn’t make both of them feel immediately singabola88 have to preach to the public if there has been no conflict. Continue to match it until finally Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in a video clip with him, Conflict between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry occurred sometime in 2014. The trigger was referred to as the competition chapter for the dancers.

That kind of thing was said by Katy Perry when she came out on the Late Late Show last time. Against James Corden, Katy Perry said if there were three back dancers who left the Taylor Swift tour to enter the Prism World Tour, At that time, Katy Perry then tried to talk to Taylor Swift but there was no response. “I’m trying to talk to himself (Taylor Swift) about that and he doesn’t want to talk to me,” Katy Perry said.

Beyond that, the public then had already speculated about other problems that made the two vocalists clash about John Mayer. Because both are mutually transformed into a handsome ex-41-year-old vocalist girlfriend, The song ‘You Need to Calm Down’ gives a number of straightforward messages, but Taylor Swift sweetens the song with a variety of interesting and unique word games Mainly, Taylor Swift wanted to give a message to many music pickers not to exaggerate the problem. So what do you think about Taylor Swift’s latest song and video clip?

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