WOW!! Bella Thorne Rocked Armpit Hair and Green Eye Makeup

No one does a red carpet quite like Bella Thorne. The actor, musician, and even makeup line founder has made her fashion and beauty mark throughout Hollywood, breaking shoe rules and becoming our personal style hero. And during her latest appearance, Bella used style inspiration from an era past to show her support for body hair.

Taking to the red carpet in support of her film I Still See You, Bella was spotted again totally rocking underarm hair. For her outfit of choice, the actor wore a tank top with the word Queen printed on the front, a pair of green velvet bell bottoms, and white shoes covered in glitter.

Bella Thorne Rocked Armpit Hair and Green Eye Makeup

Along with the throwback fashion moment, Bella made a statement with her beauty. She wore her hair in a twisted updo, with blue green ends peeking out at the top. The hair color happened to match her choice in vintage-inspired pants, and it added a pop of color to the overall ensemble. In addition to her brightly colored hair, Bella went with a glossy nude pink lip and an impressive cat eye. She carried the hues of her hair into her choice of eye makeup, and lined her lids in a touch of green glitter.

Bella’s latest memorable fashion moment comes just after she was photographed in a bright pink romper. The outfit was a bit more boho chic than her bell bottomed appearance, but the outfit still came with plenty of color.

Celebrities including Halsey and Paris Jackson have also shared their support for showing off body hair. But, even with the continued show of positivity for skipping shaving, many may still face societal pressures and backlash to remove their body hair. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that body hair has nothing to do with beauty, and everything to do with personal choice.

It’s amazing to see that many have continued celebrating body hair, but it’s still remains up to you whether you feel more comfortable going shaven or unshaven. Beauty is truly all about whatever makes you feel beautiful — and you have the freedom to embrace that on your own terms.

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