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Shawn Mendes Wants You to Know He Was With Hailey Baldwin, Is Definitely Straight

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She may be Mrs. Bieber to you now, but for a hot second, Hailey Baldwin could’ve been Mrs. Mendes … in some alternate reality where Shawn Mendes didn’t blow it. While Mendes has long stuck to his script that he and Baldwin were just “awesome friends” who leaned on each other for moral support at this year’s Met Gala, he’s now admitting that they had a bit more of a situationship. “I don’t even wanna put a title on it. I think it was more of a zone of limbo,” he tells Rolling Stone for its latest cover. Then in swooped Justin Bieber, Baldwin’s now-husband. Mendes says he happily texted Baldwin congrats on her marriage but remains haunted by what if: “I think I’m an idiot to not, you know … But you can’t control your heart.”   And if that story is not enough to convince you he’s j